Maintain Mental Health in 5 Easy Steps

How To Maintain Mental Health in 5 Easy Steps

The number of people struggling to maintain Mental Health is at a huge high!
Here at The Rise Of The Phoenix, we know just how hard this can be, so we have put together 5 simple steps that should help you to maintain good Mental Health.

Whether you are suffering from Depression, PTSD, BPD, Addiction or others, these steps can help you get through. Remember to start off small and build yourself up, you never want to overwhelm yourself & that is actually key to being able to maintain good mental health.


Maintain Mental Health Tip 1:

Choose Joy & take control of your life

Begin to choose things in your life that make you feel uplifted or happier.
Often, every day, poor mental health is caused by feeling trapped & not feeling happy with our surroundings.
It is so easy to let the pressure from the outside fall in.
Telling ourselves that we can’t change this because

‘this person won’t be happy’
‘We couldn’t find another job
‘It would be impossible ‘we can’t let this person down’
‘What would others think?’

is a sure way of keeping yourself trapped & stuck in poor Mental Health.

In most cases, the things we want to change are easily done and it is just a case of us pushing past that fear barrier and putting ourselves first.

You can start off small, choosing yourself instead of the housework for example & build up from there. Choosing yourself becomes such a feel-good feeling that you want to do it every time. It may make you feel uncomfortable at first, but when you are posed with a decision, simply ask yourself, will this bring me joy? And then choose what YOU want to do.


Maintain Mental Health Tip 2:

Find a Routine that works for you

Having a routine is key to keeping yourself on track.
Create yourself a new routine that really works for you and ensure it includes things that give you that feel-good feeling.
Try to give yourself a new focus, set small goals & keep it to things that are reachable each day so that you are not overwhelmed.
Try to stick to the same routine every morning so that your day starts in the right way.

**Extra tip

Figure out what your triggers are and change your routine around them.
For example, if I know that on a Thursday I find myself falling into depression, I look into what happens on a Thursday for this to happen.
I notice that it is my day off & I come downstairs and just sit and watch TV & just stay there.
The difference on this day is that I have no aim & therefore my mind doesn’t know what to do & just goes into a place of depression.
To avoid this, I keep my usual morning routine of getting up, getting showered and dressed & I make the beds.
I ensure that the first things I have done in the morning have set me up for the day.


Maintain Mental Health Tip 3:

Leading a healthier & more active lifestyle

I know, you probably don’t want to hear it!
But honestly, watching what foods bring your energy levels down & what ones make you feel good can really support your mental health journey.
It is also proven that even light exercise can have huge benefits to you.
Even if you just try to get out for a walk once a day, it will still do wonders for you.
Eating well & moving more will increase your energy levels and release endorphins.
It will also enable you to get out, get grounded & get some fresh air and daylight as well as sleep better at night.
You will probably see positive changes in your body & fitness levels too which will make you feel happier within yourself.
You can make this part of your routine too.


Maintain Mental Health Tip 4:


Meditation has so many proven benefits, including helping to reduce stress, anxiety & symptoms of depression.
You don’t have to be a spiritual goddess to access meditation. In fact, we have a whole library of amazing meditations ready for you to access for free!

Even setting aside 5 or 10 minutes a day to meditate can do so much for your mental health & help you to create more inner awareness.
Don’t stress when it comes to meditation, it is not as hard as it seems.
Some people struggle to quieten their minds, and that is ok.
Just allow those thoughts to come in and simply acknowledge them & let them go.


Maintain Mental Health Tip 5:

Have a Support Network

Having people to lean on and reach out to when you are struggling is so important.
You may have family members or friends that you can speak openly with about things that are causing you stress or worry.
Sometimes people do not have others to turn to & this is why we have created The Rise Of The Phoenix.

Here you can have a support network that is there for you without judgement.
Getting things off your chest and sharing the load is so important.
We tend to overthink and the scenario that may have started as something small has then turned into a huge mountain in our minds.
When we offload and get support, we create space for advice and can see that there is a way out of whatever we are going through.

We hope this helps!
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